Warmer weather brings early peach season to the Inland Northwest


GREEN BLUFF, Wash. -While the long and hot summer months may feel like the pits, the heat has brought an early peach season to the Inland Northwest.

“We’ve had these nice hot days and the cool nights which is going to bring up the sugar content," said owner of Walter’s Fruit Ranch, Jason Morrell. “It's definitely earlier than last year. We've been having lots of sun so the peaches are on earlier."

Morrell says while peach season lasts through September, the best variety of the fuzzy fruit is ready for harvest.

“They're called Early Red Havens or the Bend Over Peach,” said Morrell. “Because when you bite into it it's so juicy you have to bend over, unless you want to wear the peach.”

Morrell says the unique microclimate at Green Bluff combined with hot days and cool nights makes for the best peaches in the world.

“I have a lot of people come from Georgia and rave about their peaches and I bring them out here, it’s one of my favorite things to do,” said Morrell. “And I talk them into having a peach and you can see a shock in their eyes when they go silent and they realize they haven't even had a peach."

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