Nine Mile Falls community, SCRAPS helps porcupine pup


SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -A Nine Mile Falls community is banding together after they found a dog walking around in Stevens County with hundreds of porcupine quills in his face. After they couldn't find his owner, the good Samaritans worried so much about him that they jumped into action to help him out.

"He was obviously hurt but he was very, very gentle," said Rian Williams, who helped the porcupine pup.

Williams picked him up to get help from SCRAPS and the vet to remove the quills. She posted a GoFundMe to have her Nine Mile Falls neighbors help her take on the cost of the vet bill. "He seemed like he knew we were trying to get him some help," said Williams.

The biggest concern? Animal Protection Officer Johnathan Durbin with SCRAPS says the porcupines were down his throat area so they had to remove them quickly.

So they did. The dog walked out of SCRAPS to a play area on pain medication on Wednesday. "He's doing good today. A lot of redness probably around his face still," said Officer Durbin.

Williams reunited with the pup hours later to see how he was doing.

While KHQ filmed the reunion, something amazing happened between Williams and Officer Durbin. "The community has pulled together and raised a bunch of money for what his costs were," said Williams to Officer Durbin.

Officer Durbin says the cost came to around $600. Williams says the community raised twice the amount and handed him a check for $1,200. It's money that will not only help the dog but other animals at SCRAPS.

Both Williams and Officer Durbin came up with a fitting name for the dog who conquered so much. They named him Pokey.

Williams couldn't be more grateful for everyone rallying together. "I just appreciate all of them so very much in contributing to help Pokey," she said.

Pokey will be resting for the next few days at SCRAPS. Everyone is hoping his owner comes but if not, he will be put up for adoption.

SCRAPS says if the owners are reading this, they want them to know that they have a way of supporting them in getting their dog back.

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