House of Charity to end 24-hour service to homeless


SPOKANE, Wash. -Citing health and safety concerns, the House of Charity (HOC) will no longer offer 24-hour service starting September 1.

“We just discovered that we can’t do it in a sage and healthy and dignified manner,” said the shelter’s Development Director and Media Relations, Ann Marie Byrd. “There are just too many folks.”

The HOC currently sees 300-400 people each day depending on the season. The scale-back could leave around 100 homeless people without a place to stay.

“Have compassion and respect for the individuals who are experiencing homelessness," said Byrd. Because they will be more out in the community - those who don't have a place to go.”

Starting in September, the shelter will be closed for several hours in the afternoon to give staff a chance to rest and clean the facility.

According to The Spokesman-Review, the City of Spokane is building a new shelter scheduled to open next summer. The Review reports it will not be located downtown.

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