Post Falls carpet cleaner helps save family from house fire


POST FALLS, Idaho -On a normal day, Jeremy Johnson travels in his van from job to job. He's been with All Kleen Carpet Cleaners for the last few months, but he's never had a day like he did on Monday.

Early Monday afternoon, Jeremy spotted smoke near Post Falls High School and immediately knew something was wrong.

"I just had the overwhelming feeling that that wasn't normal," Jeremy said.

Right around that same time, Matt Cabe's phone began blowing up.

"I was at work and got an emergency text message and about six missed phone calls," Matt said.

He rushed home to find firefighters everywhere. They were mopping up a fire on the side of his house.

"The firefighters said that if it would have went for another two minutes the house would have been gone. With the heat and everything. And as tall as the flames were, they were almost touching the eaves of the roof, so it would have been gone in another couple of minutes if nobody would have seen it," Cabe said. "With my girlfriend and baby inside."

Luckily everyone was able to make it out safely, all thanks to a complete stranger.

Afterward, Matt posted a message online thanking Jeremy since he wasn't able to in person. But on Tuesday he finally had the chance to meet the man who saved his family and his home.

After meeting, everyone agreed Jeremy was there for a reason Monday, and they're extremely grateful he was.  

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