Thousands in camping gear stolen from Spokane Boy Scout troop


SPOKANE, Wash. -It’s an unfortunate question but who would steal from a bunch of kids? That's what one Boy Scout troop in Spokane has been forced to ask because someone swiped thousands of dollars worth of camping gear from them along with the trailer they were keeping it in.

“It really sucks. It's the last thing I expected to have happen,” said Isaiah Parrish from Boy Scout Troop 218.

Their Boy Scout trailer was stolen right out of a brand new building they built. It had only been used for about two days, meant to protect their property. "We can only hope that we find it in decent shape so that it is still usable," said Richard Parrish, from Boy Scout Troop 218.

It's a 2008 white continental trailer with Boy Scout Troop 218 lettering all over it, but what makes matters worse is what was inside the trailer when it was stolen.

 "All sorts of camp gear from like tents to pots and pans, cooking stoves. Pretty much everything you would use for a typical camp out for us," said Isaiah.

“We have 50 boys in our troop so you can imagine how much gear we have," said Richard.

Richard has estimated about $10,000 worth was stolen. He reported it to deputies when they showed up during our KHQ interview.

Richard says they were planning on another trip this weekend for the troop but this puts them in a difficult position. He says all he wants is for the person who took their trailer to put it back. He says the trailer has Washington license plates. That license plate number is 3158UG.

If you see the trailer or any of the stolen camping gear, please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

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