Double roundabout aims to improve safety in front of new Costco


SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -Roundabouts are becoming the norm when it comes to the flow of traffic. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

The goal of the roundabout is to reduce the number of crashes where people are either seriously hurt or even killed By about 80 % when compared to a typical intersection with a stop light.

Roundabouts move traffic through an intersection more quickly because they promote continuous flows of traffic.

Studies done by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety and the Federal Highway Administration show those roundabouts reduced fatal collisions by 90% In Washington state.

Here are some tips to get you through a roundabout:

Yield to drivers in the roundabout

Stay in your lane; do not change lanes

Do not stop at the roundabout

Avoid driving next to oversize vehicles

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