Tips for staying hydrated on hot days


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -It’s hot. And while water may feel refreshing hitting your skin, drinking it in will help cool you off.

“If you can find like a big flask or a gallon jug or something that's going to hold you accountable to drink water throughout the day,” Chris Buskirk said.

Buskirk, a fitness professional at Peak Fitness in Coeur d’Alene, says kids and adults often forget to drink water when they are playing outside.

But water alone can only do so much.

“If you are drinking a ton of water and you're sweating it out,” Buskirk said, “you're sweating out electrolytes so if you throw that balance off your muscles are going to cramp, your hearts going to work differently, your metabolism is going to work differently."

Buskirk recommends a sports drink.

Food for thought: Some fruits and vegetables help aid in hydration.

Bananas and yams are two that Buskirk says work well and are full of vitamins and nutrients.

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