Spokane family keeps daughter's legacy alive with pet food donations


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's been four years since Rory Fees took her own life at just 14 years old, but her friends are continuing to live Rory's Way.

“Her friends are still involved in my life, and it just shows that Rory really meant a lot to them and we all miss her," said Rory’s mother, Jennifer Fees

Korie Truitt knew Rory since they were little kids watching their older brothers' baseball games -- but they never watched. They were too busy laughing and rolling down the grassy hills.

“Rory was just an amazing, loving person. I remember every time I had a hard time at soccer, she would always be there and be a total weirdo and just like brighten up my day, and I just hope that we can share her loving personality," Truitt said. 

Each year for Rory's birthday, she would ask her friends to bring cat or dog food instead of gifts. So she could donate it to the pets who didn't have food. Rory was all about loving animals. Her friends and family are making sure that Rory's legacy lives on.

“What we are doing is we are collecting food for her because she isn't here to do that and so we are trying to go like the biggest we've ever gone because it would have been her 18th birthday. She would have just graduated high school. So we just want to make this one the biggest one we can," added Truitt.

The pet food drive goes until Tuesday, and you can donate pet food at these locations:

WSU/Spokane County Extension Office: 222 N Havana

Petco: 2805 E 29th Ave

Petco: 10 N Sullivan

Country Store: 5605 E Sprague, near Costco

Suicide isn't something that should be taken lightly. If you know of someone who is struggling, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

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