Oregon woman rescued after spending a week at the bottom of a cliff


Monterey County, Cali. -New photos have emerged showing the rescue of an Oregon woman, whose car plummeted over a cliff in California.

Angela Hernandez, of Portland, is recovering in a hospital, after spending a full week at the bottom of a cliff. She was traveling from Oregon to Southern California to visit family on July 6th when she accidentally drove off the cliff. 

"I just want to thank everybody," said her sister Isabel Hernandez. "I'm like in shock. Everybody that helped, it's day seven and you guys all helped us through the whole thing and Angela would not be okay without you."

The 23-year-old survived by using a radiator hose to siphon water from a nearby stream. 

She was found by a couple of people who happened to be walking along the beach, saw her vehicle partially submerged, and called 911. 

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