Spokane first responders urge caution ahead of hot weekend


SPOKANE, Wash. -Local first responders are preparing for a busy weekend with the hottest temperatures of the year. Spokane Fire estimates up to two drownings every month during the summer.

"The best thing we can do is educate people and hope they are prepared," said Deputy Chief Mark John.

Just last week alone, two young lives were lost on Inland Northwest waters. On Twin Lakes, a man died while cliff jumping. A few days later, another man drown while on the Spokane River.

"I know people are inclined to help, but don't become another victim," he says.

John recommends never hitting the water without enough life jackets for everyone. As far as cliff jumping is concerned, John urges the public to simply not do it.

"I know it's attractive for people, it's exciting," he said. "But it's incredibly dangerous...very unpredictable."

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