Spokane Valley deputy responding to dead body call saves man's life


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A Spokane Valley Deputy responding to a report of a neighbor finding a dead body discovered the unconscious male had a very faint pulse and was taking very shallow breaths.  Deputy Woolard administered Naloxone to reverse the effects of a possible overdose and save the man’s life.  

On July 10, 2018, at approximately 7:30 a.m., Spokane Valley Deputies responded to a suspicious circumstance call where the caller stated her neighbor just came over and said he found a dead body in his basement. 

Deputy Natalie Woolard was the first to arrive at the residence located in the 11100 block of E. 10th Ave. in Spokane Valley.  The caller stated several people were living inside her neighbor’s residence but she was unsure of their names. 

Suddenly, the front door of the residence opened by a male screaming for help.  The male ran back inside and continued to yell.  He reappeared dragging a lifeless, unconscious male to the door.  Not knowing what had occurred, Deputy Woolard quickly detained the male and moved to check on the unconscious male.  Deputy Woolard located a very faint pulse and heard him taking very shallow breaths. 

From her observations at the scene, Deputy Woolard believed the male was experiencing a possible opioid overdose.  Deputy Woolard advised dispatch and requested a medic response as she ran to her patrol car to retrieve her “Overdose Reversal Kit”. 

Deputy Woolard administered one dose of Naloxone and began a strong sternum rub in an effort get the male to regain consciousness.  After approximately a minute, Deputy Woolard administered a second dose while continuing the sternum rub.

Deputy Brian Lawler, who had arrived at the location to assist, stated the male’s pulse was getting stronger and it was apparent his breaths were becoming more frequent.  The Deputies decided to move the male from the porch onto the walkway to allow medical staff more room for equipment and to provide treatment.  As they began the move, the male became conscious, opened his eyes and asked what had happened.  He admitted he used Heroin and had recently took some Xanax pills. 

Spokane Valley Fire and AMR personnel arrived and took over medical care of the male. 

The witnesses who were inside the residence were vague and provided very little information about the incident. 

The male was transported by ambulance to the hospital for further treatment.  An update of the male’s condition was not available Wednesday.

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