Shouting match between driver and Spokane Valley deputy caught on camera


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Video posted to YouTube shows a shouting match between a woman and a Spokane Valley deputy.

The Sheriff’s office says all the deputy was trying to do was get a handle on the situation and the scene itself.

Deputies say the accident happened a few days ago on the off-ramp at the Sullivan Road exit on Interstate 90 Eastbound.

“Get off the phone and talk to me,” the deputy told the woman.

“I'm sorry, I have PTSD and this is freaking me out,” the woman responded.

The video is about four minutes long and was posted two days ago.

In the video, we don’t ever see the deputy or the woman's face.

The woman talking with the deputy claims she has PTSD from working at Eastern State Hospital.

In the video, you can hear the officer saying the woman hit a motorcyclist and the woman responds saying that the accident only happened after the motorcyclist allegedly tried driving her off the road.

A shouting match ensues throughout the video with the deputy asking her to repeatedly stop talking.

“Our primary initial goal is to make sure the scene doesn't get worse, we need to protect ourselves, we need to protect everyone else involved in that scene and so we have to take control and get everything settled down and then we can start investigating," Spokane County Deputy Mark Gregory said.

KHQ has reached out to the people who posted the video for comment but have not heard back.

For the full video, click here:

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