Spokane firefighters ticket 22 people for use of illegal fireworks


SPOKANE, Wash. -  Nearly two-dozen people in Spokane went home with hefty fines following the Fourth of July festivities Wednesday.

The Spokane Fire Department wrote 22 citations for use of illegal fireworks. Tickets are $536 a pop.

In all, the City made $11,792 from these violations.

The sale and use of consumer fireworks were banned in Spokane in 1993. Firefighters say based on the number of firework-caused fires between 1983 and 1992, the fireworks ban has prevented an estimated 2,200 fires.

Firefighters also say they've responded to an average of five fireworks-caused fires between June 28 and July 6 each year, during the past 25 years (since the ban). That’s a huge decrease from average fireworks-caused fires during the same time period before the ban, which was 104.

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