Hoopfest medical tent treats hundreds of injuries


SPOKANE, Wash. -This year Hoopfest spectators and participants had the option to visit any of the four Multicare Medical Tents if they were injured at the event. The tents ended up serving over 800 patients. They dealt with injuries from scratches to fractures and everything in between. 

One Hoopfest athlete, Katie Karish, had to visit the tent after she heard her knee pop. She said, “Everybody was so helpful, they literally went through all the things that would have costed me at least thousands and thousands of dollars at my actual doctor and they helped me wonderfully so I love this place.”

If you gave it your all this Hoopfest weekend but were not injured you might still feel sore tomorrow. Dr. Nicholas Strasser, Hoopfest Medical Director, says this is normal. He recommends taking some over the counter medication and hydrating aggressively if you wake up feeling sore tomorrow. 

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