Terminally ill Rathdrum baby gets gift of comfort from local business


RATHDRUM, Idaho -A family said their main priority right now is keeping their sick baby comfortable. They were recently told by doctor's their 19-month-old daughter isn't expected to live much longer. They said one of the only things that eases her pain is a specialty chair that insurance won't cover. That's when friends said, "Help Me Hayley."

There is certainly no shortage of love in Ryan and Erin Haase's family of five. You can tell their youngest member, Kayleigh, has every single one of their hearts.

"She is Miss Personality," said Erin. "She knows what she likes. She loves being around her family."

Baby Kayleigh was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease.

"She doesn't make enough energy for her body to work properly," Erin said.

Her condition is getting worse, much worse. Her stomach is no longer functioning. Every single breath is a struggle.

"We've switched her plan of care to more comfort care rather than invasive care, if that makes sense,"

And a specialty chair called a tomato chair is the one thing that makes that comfort a reality.

"It helps kids who have poor tone and can't hold their head up," Erin said.

"I want her to be comfortable," Ryan said. "She loved that chair."

In fact, doctor's said they witnessed progress like they had never seen before, when she sat in one.

"I actually have photos where she gave us some of the biggest smiles," Erin said. "We were borrowing one from therapy and had to give it back, we thought, no big deal we'll get it through insurance."

But they were denied. Twice.

"We don't know how much more time she has," Ryan said.

That's when friends reached out to Help Me Hayley. Hayley then called Frank Whitney at Inland Medical and Rehab. Minutes later, Frank had one ordered free of charge. Why? Frank and his staff said it felt like the right thing to do.

"This is incredible, you have no idea," Erin said. "Thank you. I can't thank them enough."

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