Spokane County deputy stops suicidal man from attempted drowning


MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. -Just after 1 a.m. Monday, several Spokane County Sheriff's deputies responded a call of a possible suicidal man. Deputies spoke with family members at their home, where they found a "goodbye" letter, but could not locate the young man.

During the call, additional information was received mentioning a possible method of drowning.

Deputy Paul Ouimette began checking the area on the east side of Medical Lake. He found the man sitting with his arms cradling a large rock, at the edge of a small cliff near the edge of the water. The young man did not say much, and Deputy Ouimette continued to try to establish a dialogue with the man, but kept his distance in order to keep the man calm and not escalate the situation.

After several minutes of talking, the young man reached in his pocket and pulled something out. The deputy couldn't see what was in the man's hand, and he would not answer. A short time later, the man appeared to place the object next to him, then stood up and threw a large rock with a cord or rope tied around it into the water.

The man turned and walked away from the water, toward Deputy Ouimette. As he approached, the deputy noticed a razor blade in his hand. Thanking him for coming over, Deputy Ouimette asked the man to drop the razor blade and he did. The young man was placed in protective custody and provided professional help.

Afterward, the deputy noticed the same type of rope that was tied around the rock was tied around the man's ankle. It is believed the man pulled the razor blade out of his pocket to cut the rope before throwing the rock into the water.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office reminds anyone who may be contemplating suicide, to take a minute and ask for help.  Call one of the numbers below or just walk into any emergency room, contact a Fireman, a Deputy, an Officer, your church, a family member or friend and simply say, “I need your help.”

509-838-4428                          First Call for Help

1-800-273-8255                      National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255, press 1         VA Suicide Hotline

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