Spokane mother charged with first-degree murder

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Update: A 32-year-old woman has been charged with first-degree murder for shooting a man in the head last week.

Brittany Korzonthowski was initially charged with attempted murder for shooting Caleb Tipton. Tipton was taken off life support last week.

In a court hearing Monday, Korzonthowski was charged with first degree murder. 

A judge set her bond at $500,000. 

Previous coverage: 

A local mother of six is in jail after Spokane Police say she shot a man in the face. It happened early Friday near Rowan and Cook. The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Brittany Korzonthowski.

Court documents identify the victim as Caleb Tipton. Detectives say he is not expected to survive, writing "currently alive with the use of mechanical equipment in order to harvest his organs."

Korzonthowski told detectives it all started when a friend of a friend brought a drink to her home and urged her to drink it. Documents state she "felt weird" after consuming the orange soda type beverage. She later told police she felt as if she was "being set up for a possible robbery."

Court records go on to state that Tipton arrived at her home and began hitting her in the face with a "rock on a string" after demanding to see her boyfriend. The documents further state that Korzonthowski admitted to grabbing a gun she believed was unloaded. Police say she told them she intended to scare the victim after she claims he threatened to come back to "20 minutes to kill her and her children." Only one shot was fired, hitting Tipton in the face.

One witness described the terrifying scene just feet from his bedroom window.

"I heard what they were saying," Brandon Wright said. "She said, 'he threatened my kids, so I shot him.' … I saw him laying here, she holding his torso up."

The shooting happened in front of Brandon Wright's aunt Christina Thompson's home. They live next door to Korzonthowski.

"I was shocked, couldn't believe it happened. it's something you see on tv, not in front of your home.

Four of the suspect's six children were in her home at the time of the shooting. No one else was hurt.

(story & photo: KHQ.com)

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