Liberty Lake husband saved by Safeway employees after heart attack


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. -Guardian angels of the grocery store; that’s what one Liberty Lake family says after their loved one had a heart attack outside the Safeway in Liberty Lake.

Judy Thompson and her husband, Jack, were about to go in the grocery store when Judy turned around to get her purse from the backseat.

She turned around noticed Jack was slumped over the wheel so she quickly ran inside to get help.

Within seconds, Judy says employees from the Safeway ran out to help give Jack CPR.

Judy says the employees performed CPR for a few minutes until first responders showed up to take over.

Jack was taken to Sacred Heart where he’s currently in a medically induced coma, but Judy and Jack’s daughter, Bonnie, say guardian angels were watching over them.

“We went there last night to actually try and find them and there were still a few there," Bonnie Cannon, Jack’s daughter, said, “and the manager on duty at that time asked have you eaten, do you need something?”

"Just go pick something out, it's complimentary you have to stay nourished and we hugged and it's just amazing the people and we just can't thank them enough,” Cannon said.

The family says even if something bad happens, they can’t thank those employees enough for their self-less actions.

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