Driver of stolen box truck arrested in Hillyard

(photo: Cara Schuh)

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Spokane Police say they've located the box truck that appeared in a photo that went viral in the Spokane area on Facebook Wednesday morning. 

The photo was posted by a woman who says she saw the back door of the box truck slightly open while she was following it in the Hillyard area. The photo shows what appears to be a couple of unclothed children in the back of the truck. The woman says she followed the truck through Hillyard and called police. 

A short time later, Spokane Police said they located the truck, which turned out to be stolen, near Holyoke and Cincinnati. Police said they arrested the driver, 44-year-old Shonn Anderson. 

Police say a teen boy and a teen girl were in the back of the truck, but would not comment on their condition or connection to the case, other than to say they were not arrested. 

Preliminary information indicates the teens were willingly in the cargo area of the vehicle, however, an extensive investigation must be completed before all details are known.

The boy was released to a guardian and the girl was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation. 

This incident has been referred to Child Protective Services.

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(courtesy: Department of Corrections)

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