Traffic violations lead to felony drug charges in Airway Heights

Two people were arrested Monday night after what started as a minor traffic violation, according to Spokane County Sheriff's deputies. 

At around 9 p.m., Deputy Brad Humphrey spotted a green Buick parked in the parking lot of the Airway Heights Walmart. After learning the license plates were expired and the tabs improperly displayed, he parked his patrol car and spoke with the driver, later identified as 35-year-old Sara A. McGee.

McGee voluntarily identified herself and said she was in the process of purchasing the Buick. Deputy Humphrey spoke with her about the violations and went back to his car, where he checked McGee's name and found out she had a misdemeanor warrant for her arrest.

McGee had left her car and was on her way to the Walmart when Deputy Humphrey told her she was being detained and arrested once the warrant was confirmed as valid. McGee asked the deputy if she could have her friend, 23-year-old Anthony L. Hains, take possession of the car. Deputy Humphrey was unable to locate Hains inside the store and when he returned to the Buick, Hains was sitting in the passenger seat.

Deputy Humphrey spoke with Hains, and while they were talking, he noticed a black glasses case in  Hains' sweatshirt pocket. The case was partially open, exposing numerous small plastic baggies. When asked, Hains opened the case, which held plastic baggies and a purple bag closed with a drawstring. Hains opened the bag and several pills fell out.

Believing the pills were possibly Xanax, he asked Hains to exit the vehicle and detained him.  After being advised of his rights, Hains explained McGee gave him the case and he didn’t know what was inside. 

McGee, advised of her rights, denied giving the case to Hains, as well as having any knowledge of the pills inside.  She also denied any knowledge of anything illegal in the vehicle and would not consent to a search of the vehicle. 

During the search, Deputy Humphrey, found a baggie which was field tested and showed a presumptive positive result for methamphetamine.

Hains and McGee were booked into Spokane County Jail. 

The pills were later determined to be counterfeit and showed a presumptive positive field test result for methamphetamine.  Additional amounts of methamphetamine, $155 in cash, and paraphernalia were recovered from the vehicle. 

Hains’ charge was amended to Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver.

McGee had already been released on her own recognizance for the misdemeanor warrant but a charge for Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver was requested.

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