Neighbors wake up to find items stolen, hatchet left in driveway


SPOKANE, Wash. -A group of neighbors say they’re fed up after a string of break-ins in one morning down their block.

They didn’t want to be identified, but one woman says on Tuesday morning, she woke up to find a hatchet and spray paint can on the hood of her car. She says when she spoke with other neighbors she found out that one had several items stolen, and another had her car window bashed in, and several items inside the car were taken out. She believes the hatchet, which belonged to one of her neighbors, was stolen to break the car window and then ditched on her property. She then found out that her lawnmower was taken too.

“Pretty fed up and the fact that my bedroom is so close to where they’re stealing things…makes me feel violated,” she says.

She says even more so because just a week earlier, her daughters’ Power Wheels was taken.

Another neighbor says they try to watch out for one another and that they all know one another.

“I’m putting cameras up around my house,” says one neighbor.

They have reported these incidents that happened near Standard and Dalke to police. Another resource you can reach out to for help is your local Spokane C.O.P.S. shop. They have a volunteer neighborhood observation patrol program:

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