Freeman school bus driver hosts roller skate party for students


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Katie Younger celebrated her 55th birthday party roller-skating, opening gifts, and enjoying a Barbie and school bus-themed cake.

“We’re just going to skate the night away,” said Younger.

The majority of attendees at her party were the students she drives to-and-from school every day.

“What a blessing,” said Younger. “I never thought I’d do this for a living and I never want to retire.”

An anonymous friend of Younger rented out Roller Valley in Spokane Valley Wednesday night.

Younger has been a bus driver in the Freeman School District for 10 years and says all of the kids who ride her bus are like family. She even calls them her "bus kiddos."

"It’s wonderful being around kids because you get to be a kid again,” said Younger. “You get to be on their level, they’re unfiltered, they’re so pure of heart, and their joy, their innocent joy makes my joy complete.”

Younger says about 43 students ride her bus, and that she believes all of them to show up for the party.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

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