Spokane victim of smash and grab: how dare you


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Violated and victimized. One Spokane woman who had her car broken into by two thieves has a message for the criminals: how dare they?

She says people can't go out and have a good time anymore after she found herself a victim of a smash and grab.

“My bills were in my purse so there's my address. So it almost makes you wonder if they are going to come to your house and break in," said Ashley.  Ashley didn't want to show her face on camera for that very reason.

After her bachelorette party with friends, her car window was smashed early Sunday morning. "You'll see one guy walk over and he throws something at my window and then bust it out and that guy is just kind of standing there and they just take it and go,” said Ashley.

The glass shattered onto her children's car seats.

She called Crime Check and reported what had happened.  She says they took her purse from her car that was parked at a bar parking lot in Spokane Valley.  "I was like, seriously? The first time I leave my car somewhere, I was shocked," she said.

The thieves in the video took her prescription medication, a cell phone and cash from a fundraising effort for her cousin.  “January 24 last year, my cousin Brandon Bushy, he was murdered and the trial was set to go for June 4 so we had a bunch of his family and friends were making t-shirts. It's violating,” she said.

She'll now have to replace the fundraising cash after what happened.

If the thieves were standing in front of her, Ashley says she would say this: “How dare you. You can't go out and have fun for one night without somebody, it's not your stuff. I know I shouldn't have left my purse in the car, I totally get that, that's my fault," said Ashley.

She just hopes that the two people caught on surveillance won't get away with it.

Ashley's window has now been replaced.

If you recognize those two people in the surveillance video, call Crime Check: 509-456-2233.

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