Adams County woman considered "danger to children"

The Adams County Sheriff's Office is searching for a woman they believe may be a danger to children, who is traveling with a 6-month-old baby. Yoci L. Godinez-Bustos has been deemed by the courts as an unfit mother and has previously had 4 children taken away from her. The Sheriff's office says she has a history of assaulting her own children, and has served prison time for causing severe injuries to her own children. 

They say she became pregnant, knew that CPS would be involved, and traveled to Arizona to have the baby. She gave birth, then returned to Othello. This information was brought forward after a gang shooting where the accused shooter, her nephew, was located inside the residence where she and the baby live. 

In October 2017, the courts concluded that the mother suffers from a psychological incapacity or mental deficiency that makes her incapable, they say, of caring for children. 

On May 24, the Adams County Sheriff's Office and CPS attempted to contact Godinez-Bustos at the last place she'd been seen, on the night of the shooting. They say she was likely inside, but did not open the door. The Sheriff's office says that she left the area, purposely evading police. Along with endangerment, Godinez-Bustos is wanted for obstruction of justice in the shooting. 

If you know anything, call the Adams County Sheriff's Office at (509) 659-1122 immediately. 

(story: Luke Thoburn, KHQ News Producer,; photo: Adams County Sheriff's Office)

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