Stranger leaves Washington waitress a $3,000 tip


CHEHALIS, Wash. -People tend to leave a couple of extra dollars for good service while dining out. However, one waitress from Lewis County, Washington, got more than just a couple of extra dollars.

Waitress Michelle Bozemen got a $3,000 tip on a $44 bill at the Rib Eye restaurant in Chehalis, Washington, Sunday.

"I was shocked, and I looked at it and I thought no, that can't be right, and then I showed my manager, then we flipped it over and read the note and went, 'oh,'" Bozemen said. 

On the back of the tab, the big tipper wrote an explanation saying, "Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place." Bozemen's smile seemed to be just what the costumer needed. He told her to enjoy the money and requested she do something good for someone else.

Bozemen has been a waitress for more than 20 years to support her three kids as a single mom. Her regulars say no one is more deserving.

"I just really want to thank them and say what a wonderful thing that was for them to do for a stranger," Bozemen said.

She shared some of the tip with her coworkers and plans on doing work around the house and spoiling her seven grandchildren.

But Bozemen is using the rest of the tip to pay for a trip to Ireland she's always dreamed about.

"I'll have a beer, I'll have a Guinness for them."

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