Family speaks after bullet hits North Spokane neighborhood hit


SPOKANE, Wash. -A neighborhood is still shaken after shots rang out early Saturday morning. The man accused of firing rounds from inside his home remains in the Spokane County Jail, but a family is speaking out, describing how close those shots came.

“We woke up to gunshots,” says Nick Cordero.

Police say Jimmy Engleman was firing rounds out of his home and several of those rounds hit neighboring homes.

One of them hit the Cordero’s home.

“It was scary,” says Eli, Nick’s son. “We got on the ground and Chloe was up, and my dad said, ‘Chloe, get down’ and we were all on the floor.”

They gathered in the kitchen, and called police.

“You can hear that thwack when the bullet hit,” Nick says. “I was just worried about my kids. I was thinking, ‘oh my god - I hope Eli's not shot.’”

That’s because Eli’s bedroom has a window next to the neighbor’s home.

“If he had aimed higher and left, it could've shot through the window and hit him,” Nick says.

Thankfully, police evacuated the family out of their house safely and then worked to get Engleman out of his house. Engleman was arrested after surrendering himself to police.

Nick is just grateful no one was injured.

“The police were outstanding. Any interaction we had with the police before during or after, they were informative,” Nick says.

Engleman is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday on several charges of  1st degree assault.

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