School shooting safety video to be filmed at North Central High School


SPOKANE, Wash. -Students at North Central High School are ready for summer. But before class is out, they’ll have a chance to be part of a film production about active shootings.

The movie “Beyond Lockdown” will be 12 minutes in length and is directed by former Airman at Fairchild Air Force Base, Randy Spivey.

“It’s a myth that students just snap,” said Spivey. “Almost always there’s a progression toward them being violent.”

Spivey says the first six minutes of the film will focus on active shooter prevention.

The second half will be about how to respond in a worst-case scenario.

“Lockdown is not a bad policy but it’s incomplete,” said Spivey. “We’re in the commons right now and if somebody comes with a gun you better have some sort of another tool than lockdown.”

Spivey will use a few dozen students as actors in the film.

He plans on releasing it at the end of July in 25 different languages.

To learn more about the project, click here.

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