Lighter helps rescuers find lost hikers in Liberty Lake


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. -Rescuers were able to spot the two lost hikers, thanks to a little luck and a little light.    

On Monday, Jessica Salle and her friend were barefoot hiking along this popular trail near Liberty Lake.  A few hours in, the two had wandered off the trail near some falls and gotten lost. As night fell they knew they were in trouble.

"The sun started going down and it got really really dark. I was rather nervous because I knew that we weren't going to get out."    

Just before 9 o'clock and with their phone dying, they made a frantic call to 911 for help.

"They kept us on the line and said they were trying to find their exact location."    

Sheriff's deputies along with search and rescue volunteers began combing the area as Air 2 searched from above.  Using night vision goggles, deputies in the helicopter got a break when they spotted a small flicker of light. It was a lighter that they spotted. The girls just so happened to have a lighter with them. More than 2 hours after they called for help, Jessica and Amber had finally been rescued.

"It was the best feeling honestly I would say the only part of it that was awful was being so cold."

Jessica says this isn't going to keep them hiking in the future. She says she will be more prepared and ready to handle anything that goes wrong.

The sheriff's office says there are several things you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation:

1. Be dressed for all condtions

2. Know where you are going and tell someone where you are headed

3. Always have your phone with you and if you are going to be out somewhere with limited coverage, make sure it's in airplane mode to save battery

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