Volunteers help beautify downtown Spokane through gardening


SPOKANE, Wash. -Volunteers and Downtown Spokane staff are getting together for planting week. They’re filling planters all across the downtown core with flowers.

Lunell Haught is one of the volunteers. She’s with the Master Gardeners, and wanted to give part of her time to help out.

“I think everyone should enjoy nature and beauty and I think it's an opportunity to work with other people who may not have as much expertise with plants so it's a way to just share information that has nothing to do with a book or electronics,” Lunell says.

Andrew Rowles, public policy manager with Downtown Spokane, says there are hundreds of planters they work to fill. Part of that is funded through the Business Improvement District, and part of it is supported by the parking fund.  

“Downtown is a place for everyone,” he says. “This adds something everyone can appreciate and enjoy.”

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