Last Riverfront Park butterfly removed, will be rebuilt


SPOKANE, Wash. -On Tuesday morning a long-time piece of Spokane history came down.

For more than 40 years the butterfly flew above Riverfront Park. It was one of five that were installed for the World's Fair back in 1974. Over time, three of the winged sculptures disappeared. One now sits in storage in pieces and and the last one was finally came down on Tuesday.

But like their insect counterparts, two of these Lilac City icons will fly again. In part, thanks to Jennifer Leinberger, the found of Save the Expo Butterflies -- a group that is doing just that.

Along with the renovation of the park, the sculpture taken down Tuesday will be rebuilt and put near the same spot, once again welcoming visitors to the north side of the park.

As for the second one, Jennifer and her group will be working with the Parks Foundation raising money to hopefully place it in the red wagon meadow. 

The city expects that the first butterfly will be ready and back by next spring. So far there's no time table for the return of the second butterfly on the south side of the park.

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