Spokane group fosters civic curiosity with free meal


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's a free dinner, with a side of free speech. That's the mantra of a group called MAC Movement, who come together outside Spokane's City Hall every week to feed people in need. 

MAC stands of "Music, Art, and Creativity" so you can be that a free meal isn't the only thing on the table. The group says they started the free meals before the weekly Spokane City Council meetings as a way to get the community involved with Spokane's leaders. 

After the meal, which starts around 5 p.m., they encourage those took part to actually go into the council meeting, which starts at 6 p..m. They hope that those people will speak during the council's open session, to bring up issues affecting their lives, with the city leaders who can help change them. 

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