Spokane family searching for cyclists who helped them during time of need


SPOKANE, Wash. -One Spokane family is looking to reconnect with a group of kind strangers who helped them out during a difficult time.

Jamie Smithpeter was on a walk with her son, Byron, on Friday near Doomsday Hill.

“We came across a deer - stopped and took pictures of Byron and the deer,” she says.

She says they continued to follow it and then the deer came running at them.

“We took off running and ended up hurting my ankle,” she says.

She twisted it. They sat down on a rock in the parking lot and a group of cyclists saw them.

“They stayed with us and comforted Byron until the ambulance got there,” she says.

They gave them water bottles, and even a jacket to cover Byron when it started raining. Jamie says it helped keep him calm.

“We would like to find the person that let us borrow it and return it to her,” she says, because that random act of kindness meant a lot. “It was really awesome, really thankful.”

If you helped them, you can get in touch by contacting KHQ Katie Chen.

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