Crosswalk safety in Spokane County: A look at the numbers


This story unfortunately isn't unique when it comes to solving one problem; making our crosswalks in Spokane safer for everyone to use.

Using data from the Washington State Department Of Transportation from Spokane County we found that in  2015, there were 177 accidents involving pedestrians 6 of those accidents resulted in death.

In 2016, the number of accidents jumped to 216 still only resulting in six deaths and in 2017 the number of accidents dropped back to 177 however the number of deaths jumped to 11. From 2015-2017 Spokane ranked third out of the top 10 for the number of people hit by cars  in Washington state.

The city of Spokane has not turned a blind eye when it comes to pedestrian safety. In the most recent master pedestrian plan from 2015 found that using illuminated crosswalks was one way to help prevent accidents involving pedestrians.

According to the city of Spokane, they will be adding three more rapid response beacons on the Monroe corridor.

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