Study: Idaho one of the worst states in America for working moms


HAYDEN, Idaho -Just before Mother’s Day, Idaho ranks as one of the worst states in America for working mothers, according to a new study.

One of the leading culprit’s is Idaho’s daycare system; which the website, Wallethub, ranked dead last.

At ABCD Daycare in Hayden Tuesday morning, the kids were making Mother’s Day cards.

Caring is something that ABCD Daycare owner, Chris Bjurstrom, instills in her kids and her staff.

“We take a lot of pride into what we do,” Bjurstrom said.

We showed Bjurstrom the study.

“It’s frustrating to me because we put a lot of care, love, a lot of hours into this job to give these families quality care,” she said.

Under childcare in the study, six components were weighed including daycare quality and child-care costs.

But, Idaho is working towards a proactive approach to help parents.

A database called Idaho Child Care Check and Idaho Stars, which is funded by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, compiles a list of care options where you can search by city.

If check Coeur d’Alene and the option for “child care center”, an interactive map pops up with 15 options available.

For example, you can scroll down to ABCD Daycare and it also allows you to view inspections and incident reports for each daycare.

Bjurstrom says like anything in life, there is good and there is bad.

“You may not find the first hair dresser you like or the first pediatrician you and so you have to shop until you do get the right fit for you and child care is the same,” she said, “just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean that that's the right place to be and just because you pay more doesn't mean you get more."

For the full study, click here.

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