Neighbors say drivers are speeding by Corbin Park

Slow down! That's the message from people who live near Corbin Park in Spokane. They say they keep catching speeders and witnessed one going triple the speed limit, just a few feet from where children were playing.    

"It was racing, I mean 60 miles an hour maybe and then it looped around the park," said Joshua Porter who witnessed the car.  He says it's the fastest he's ever seen someone drive by Corbin Park.  He snapped a picture of the car to try and get a license plate number. In the picture, there’s a child on a scooter on the sidewalk.

"I'm very fearful. If that child had gone across the crosswalk to the park, with that car speeding,  there is no way he would have stopped in time," said Gene Brake, another neighbor who lives by Corbin Park.

Brake says drivers speeding near Corbin Park has been a serious problem for a long time. "It seems that cars fly off of Division as a way to cut through to avoid the traffic light at Buckeye and Post," said Brake.

He's worried especially since summer is rolling around and school will be out soon but it's not just kids. “One of our seniors was walking, she got hit by a car one day about three years ago, and a few months later, she had a stroke so her life is permanently altered because someone wasn't being careful," said Brake.

Brake has requested from the city in the past for a traffic calming project and stop signs. “We've had success in bringing it to the attention to city leaders but we haven't had success in getting any of the projects approved to move forward to do something to protect our citizens," said Brake.

Brake along with Porter are both hoping something can be done sooner rather than later.  "We can't wait until something terrible to happen to fix it," said Porter.

A city spokesman says there are hotline numbers that you can call to request traffic enforcement and a radar trailer.

To request traffic enforcement: (509) 625-4150

To request a radar trailer: (509) 625-6733

(story: Andrea Olson, KHQ Local News Producer/Reporter; photo:

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