Sex offender trespassed at Cheney parks


CHENEY, Wash. -A convicted sex offender who's been lurking around a local park will have to find somewhere else to go. That man was trespassed by police from all public parks in Cheney thanks to vigilant group of mothers looking out for their community.

 Wednesday afternoon was just like any other spring day here at Salnave Park in Cheney, filled with kids out enjoying the sunshine.  Cassandra Osborn Moultrie was in the park with her family when she noticed someone acting suspicious.

"There was a sex offender that was kind of casing parks last spring and the car looked like that car."

She says she saw the man was creeping around the women's bathroom. and that's when she decided to call police.

"We had a similar incident last October and the description of that person and that car matched," Captain Richard Merghtol with the Cheney Police Department said.

Unable to shake that feeling that he looked familiar, Cassandra along with a couple other mothers then went online and discovered it was 38 year old Michael Enos.

"He has been identified as a level 2 sex offender," Captain Merghtol said. "That is concerning, for sure." 

After calls from parents reporting what they had seen, Cheney Police made contact with Enos 

"There was no crime that we could show so we gave him notice that he could not longer go to the parks within the city of Cheney."   

Cheney Police also tipped off Spokane Police to be aware of his recent actions in public parks. Captain Merghtol said parents shouldn't be concerned- but they should be vigilant- and that's exactly what these Cheney moms plan to do.

"All we can do is be alert of our surroundings and report it."

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