Mother's car stolen, crushed, local business steps in to help


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A new family in town had a very rude welcome when a thief stole their car just feet from where they were sleeping. The car was quickly recovered by police, but because of a mistake the victim admits she made, she never knew it was impounded.

The car has since been auctioned off and destroyed. The tow company who impounded it followed the law and reached out to her shortly after taking it in. The problem is, the address on her registration paperwork was an old one. She never received those notices. She said the whole thing has been devastating.

"I just saw him getting into my car and starting it and just putting it into reverse," Kelli Harris said. "I woke up to my car being stolen."

She said her heart immediately sank.

"I just moved here. We don't know anyone here."

Her husband chased after the car but the thief sped off.

"It's traumatizing to think my car is gone," she said. "Now I don't have a car for my kids. That car was my life. I've been looking every day. Every single day for my car."

Kelli said she eventually found out where her car was by calling crime check. By the time she reached out to the tow company to get it back, too much time had passed and they had been cleared to auction it off. Staff showed us the attempts they made to reach her.

Kelli said she deeply regrets not immediately updating her address on her registration paperwork. When she found out the car was destroyed, she said she broke down sobbing.

"I just don't know what to do," she said. "Hayley is my only hope."

If you think the story ends there, you don't know Spokane.

Shortly after Hayley made Spokane aware of what Kelli was going through, TTT Auto Sales stepped up to help. The manager and owner told KHQ they just want to help make this community a better place.

"We love helping people," the manager said.

Kelli was left stunned.

"I feel so blessed now to be in Spokane," she said.

Market Street Auto Licensing also covered all of Kelli's paperwork fees. She said she is so appreciative of all who stepped up to help her family.

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