North Spokane woman's stolen package shows back up...empty.


SPOKANE, Wash. -We do a lot of stories on packages being stolen, but this one was a twist. Although the stolen package showed back up, the owner was still left feeling empty.

 Mariah Kardash has lived in this Hillyard neighborhood for the last 3 years. She says she's never had anything like this happen to her.    

She had just ordered a new hitch for her Jeep and was expecting it on Saturday-- but it never came.  

Then Sunday she got a surprise: the missing box reappeared in her front yard...but inside? Absolutely nothing.

"I was very angry. Before it was just annoying that the package had been stolen," Mariah said. "But for them to tape it back up and return it? It felt just petty and personal at that point."    

Mariah isn't the only one. I looked into it and found out that recently there has been a spike in reported thefts in her neighborhood.

"It could've been it worse. It was just 20 dollars. It's just the fact that they took the time to bring back the empty package.    

She says from now on she will make sure shes home when shes expecting a package.

"It's just stuff. It sucks, but you can replace it."

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