Mosquitoes are moving in


SPOKANE, Wash. -That late start to spring is making people itch to get out of the house and here in Spokane County mosquito season is just starting. Anywhere standing water is located its prime breeding grounds for these thirsty bloodsuckers.

Washington State University Urban Horticulture Coordinator Tim Kohlhauff says recent weather likely has played a role in their hatchings "So mosquitoes are driven by two environmental conditions one of them is the temperature and the other one is moisture and so we have had some anytime it's over 50 degrees they start to become more active."

But when the temperature goes above 50 degrees, those mosquitoes come looking for you. There are several ways that you can limit your mosquito problem on your property especially in standing water "They actually prefer stagnant water. Water that isn't moving. There are species of mosquitoes that can reproduce if you have an old tire with water inside of it. They'll even produce in that much water, so they don't need a lot in order to reproduce," says Kohlhauff.

If you do have a small pond on your property, there's a solution for controlling mosquitoes "There is actually a product that I think they usually call them mosquito dunks it's something you put in the water it's a bacteria that kills the mosquito larva," Kohlhauff added.

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