Spokane billboard bears go into hibernation


Eight hours is all a billboard featuring two bears lasted in downtown Spokane on Monday before it was taken down.

The ad from The Great PNW featuring two grizzly bears certainly caught the attention of passing motorists due to their positioning. Some people simply saw bears, other saw the bears in a suggestive (albeit natural) act. 

Either way, they were noticeably absent from the billboard on Tuesday, with a new ad replacing the talk of the town. 

The owner of The Great PNW, Joel Barber, said the ad was supposed to be light-hearted and he figured it would eventually come down, but didn't think it would happen so fast. 

The owner of the billboard, Lamar, released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying the bear ad was not approved by their General Manager and "slipped through the cracks internally by mistake." 

KHQ put a poll up on Facebook asking viewers if they liked the ad with the bears better than the new one.  As of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, the votes were nearly 10 to 1 in favor of the bear ad. 

KHQ's Joe McHale will have more on this story tonight on KHQ. 

(story & photos: KHQ.com)

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