High School teacher under investigation for relationship with student


SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is investigating whether a Mead High School teacher had an inappropriate relationship with a student under the age of 18-years-old.

According to a search warrant filed in court on April 27th, Mead High School principal Jeff Naslund received an anonymous letter detailing the teacher's relationship with the student.

The letter said that they met at a leadership camp during the 2016-2017 school year, and that initial contact eventually led to a sexual relationship. The letter said that the student and the teacher have been exchanging texts and that the teacher took the student's virginity.

Principal Naslund turned the letter over to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office who opened an investigation.

According to the court documents, deputies contacted the student, who denied the relationship and said she and the teacher have not been in contact at all. She also said she did not have a Facebook page, a Snapchat account, or a Twitter page. However, subsequent interviews with the student's mother show that she may have a Snapchat account. Deputies filed the search warrant to get access to the student's cell phone to see if it holds any clues as to the extent of her relationship with the teacher.

KHQ has been in contact with administrators at the Mead School District who have declined to comment on the matter. They will not even say if the teacher is still working in a classroom or has been put on leave during the investigation. We've also talked with students at the school who do say the teacher is no longer in a classroom.

So far, the teacher is only under investigation and has not been officially charged with a crime.

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