UPDATE: Spokane Valley woman reunited with stolen pup

Irene and Annie reunited


A Spokane Valley woman who said someone stole her dog, Annie, from her front yard over the weekend tells KHQ's Hayley Guenthner that Annie has been found and returned! 

Irene Owens told Hayley on Monday that the man who returned Annie saw KHQ's story.

Hayley is speaking with Irene this afternoon to discuss the details. Look for the story tonight on KHQ. 

Previous Coverage: 

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A woman is heartbroken after she says someone stole her dog, Annie, from her front yard Saturday evening. At 80-years-old, the victim says her dogs are her "family."

Irene Owens tells KHQ it happened around 5:30 Saturday at her home near Seth Woodard Elementary School on Mission. She said she thought her pups were at her feet, but realized they slipped out their doggie door. She said she knew something was terribly wrong when a neighbor came knocking."

He said, do you have a white dog, and I thought they were right at my feet, and he said well some kids came by and grabbed your little white one," she told KHQ. "It's terrible. She's like my baby you know? I'm so, so worried about her.

"Irene said she was never able to have children and loved her dog Annie like a child. She said she followed up on leads but none have lead to her finding Annie.

She is offering a reward for Annie's safe return. 

(story: Hayley Guenthner, KHQ Local News Anchor & Reporter; photo: KHQ.com)

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