Top education official meets with Idaho students to discuss school safety


Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra paid a visit to Lake City High School yesterday to meet with the same students who organized last week’s panel discussions to continue the conversation regarding school safety.

Students raised a variety of questions to the superintendent ranging from what’s being done at the local and state level to make schools safe; as well as the on-going topic of mental health.

Ybarra says the new initiative that she’s proposed to Idaho legislatures is something that’ll hopefully help.

It’s called “Keep Idaho Students Safe” which includes safety training for teachers, funding additional security for school districts statewide, and a statewide crisis communication counselor.

“How important it was for them not to walk away and they stayed and talked about some of the things that were important to them because we can't solve everything in one day, but what we can talk about is where see the biggest need and that's prevention,” the superintendent said.

But a big concern that was brought up was the need for school counselors to focus on mental health.

That concern was brought up last Friday at the Lake City High School panel discussion.

Ybarra says it’s a concern that needs to be addressed by not just her, but students and parents across Idaho.

Superintendent Ybarra wants to hear from students and parents regarding this discussion.

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