SCRAPS rescues 46 animals during search-and-seizure

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service seized 46 animals from a suspected puppy mill on Thursday. 

Details on exactly where the search-and-seizure warrant was executed were not immediately available, but SCRAPS says over the course of nine hours, officers seized 46 animals from deplorable conditions. The animals seized included 43 dogs, ranging in age from puppy to adult, and included pregnant and nursing pups. Three cats were also found locked in a backroom. 

SCRAPS says they are investigating the property owner for various violations including 1st and 2nd Degree Animal Cruelty, Transporting or Confining Animals in an Unsafe Manner, and Operating an illegal Commercial Kennel. 

"SCRAPS extends its deepest thanks to its dedicated, compassionate, and diligent Animal Protection Officers, who made the rescue of these 46 lives happen; the community members who reported their concerns to SCRAPS and kickstarted its investigation, and its close partner, SpokAnimal, who made the provision of excellent post-rescue care to each of the rescuees possible," the agency said in a press release.

(story:; photo: SCRAPS)

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