Sandpoint firefighter attempts to break world record


SANDPOINT, Idaho -Over the winter, we first introduced you to a Sandpoint firefighter that would give Steve Prefontaine a run for his money.

Gwen Le TuTour was training for the Scott Firefighter Climb in Seattle.

He blew away the competition there placing in the top 25 out of thousands of firefighters.

Now he’s going to attempt to break a world record.

Some may call him crazy, but others consider him an inspiration.

Gwen will run 100 miles in full firefighter gear starting Saturday morning.

“Just a lot, a lot of running,” he said.

30 hours of running, with his gear that weighs close to 30 pounds.

It’s no easy feat.

But the run isn’t for pride it’s for research.

"Even if they don't care about running, it's not about that. It's about cancer prevention,” he said.

With a major focus now on cancer rates among firefighters, Gwen hopes to raise money and awareness even for those who aren’t firefighters.

He’s hoping for a large crowd, both of residents and those behind the fire line to come and support the journey.

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