Police search for Spokane construction site thief caught on camera


SPOKANE, Wash. -Spokane Police say the rise in temperatures means more construction. It also mean a rise in crime.

Construction sites are often easy targets.

"Most people are going to assume that there isn't going to anyone working at a construction site late at night," said Officer Josh Laiva with the Spokane Police Department.    

Most sites have fences, lights, surveillance cameras and even security guards, but even all that doesn't always stop thieves.     

Fortunately for officers-- some criminals aren't all that bright.    

This week a thief showed at a new apartment complex under construction along the Spokane River. He got away with two brand new surveillance cameras, but officers say he made one huge mistake.

"I've seen great surveillance video of thieves stealing stuff. I don't know that I've ever necessarily seen one steal a camera that was pointed right at them," said Officer Laiva.

Police say its important to report any thefts like these so they know when and where to send extra patrols when they can.

"We want to bring these people to justice," said Officer Laiva.    

Tonight Spokane police are continuing to search for the thief who was caught on camera    

If you recognize him you're asked to call crime check.   

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