Driver was going 2x the speed limit in deadly crash


SPOKANE, Wash. -What sounded like an accident has now led to charges against the woman who was behind the wheel.

The driver of Tuesday night's deadly crash is being investigated for DUI and vehicular homicide.

Detectives say around 9:30 p.m. a man was struck and killed by a driver as he tried to cross the street near 3rd and Liberty Park Place.  

Court documents released Wednesday show that the driver, 50-year-old Tamila Lindsly, was driving 40 miles per hour above the speed limit when she fatally struck a pedestrian crossing the street.    

She was taken to Sacred Heart with unknown injures and that's where an officer smelled intoxicants on her breath. 

Lindsly admitted to officers she had at least two drinks before getting into her car.  

 A drug recognition expert evaluated Lindsly at the hospital and concluded she was intoxicated.     

We looked into it and learned that in the last three years, There have been eight crashes at or near this same intersection-- four of them resulting in injuries.

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