Spokane woman searching for retired firefighter who helped after crash


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane woman is on a mission to find a retired firefighter who helped her in a time of need. She says when a car slammed into her and her airbags went off, all she could feel was panic, but then someone stepped in to help almost immediately after the crash.

It was Mariah Horn’s first car crash that happened on Wednesday at around 8:00 p.m. at the intersection of Country Homes Boulevard and Cedar. Her car is totaled.

It’s the normal route that Horn takes to go see her boyfriend but that Wednesday was different. “Stopped at the red light, the light turned green and then all of a sudden there were airbags in my face," said Horne.

A driver slammed into Horn’s car, damaging it at the intersection. Panic quickly set in. “In that moment, I figured out my car wouldn't drive, so I stepped out and saw the other driver there," said Horn.

Horne says she was crying,  but suddenly, what felt like out of no where, a good samaritan swooped in to help her in a time that she needed it the most. “I asked him where he came from and he said they were parked in traffic and came out. (I) just remember he grabbed me by the shoulders and said ‘Hi, I'm a retired firefighter, just calm down and breathe.’ He linked arms with me and walked me to my car, tried to get all my stuff and he was just very calm and relaxed," said Horn.

Horn says it made her feel good because if it wasn't for him, she doesn't know how she would have handled the situation. She called her boyfriend and parents to tell them about the crash as firefighters and police came to the scene. “Besides them not being there at the time, he was my comfort," she said.

If he was standing in front of her right now she would say this: “I would mostly just give him a big hug and just thank him from the bottom of my heart," said Horn.

Horn says she went to urgent care to get checked out. She's dealing with bruises but she says she's grateful everyone was able to walk away.

If you know who this retired firefighter is, let us know by contacting Andrea Olson or sending a newstip here

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