Thief steals military man’s gift for little brother


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane mother is heartbroken because what a thief took from her family was so much more than just a piece of mail.

One of her sons serving in the military, stays connected with his little brother through video games, so he sent him one as a gift. However, the little brother never got it because the thief took it right off their front porch. It happened near Shadle Park High School.

The Xbox game was delivered on Thursday near Jody Boring's steps. But when Boring was asked by her son if they had gotten the game and she didn't see it, she turned to her surveillance camera for the answer.  "I found what looks to be a teenager boy that looks to the side of the house and then runs up our stairs, grabs the specific envelope that was sent to my son and ran down the stairs," she said.

The crime took just a matter of seconds. "It breaks my heart because the first thing I think of is the thoughtfulness that my kids have and the relationship they have together," said Boring.

Boring says she's planning to make up for the video game that her son bought for her teenager.  “My son doesn’t make a ton of money. He's trying to make a living serving our country  and so when he does stuff like this, it's money out of his pocket," said Boring.

She's hoping that the person who did this, will give it back and think twice before they act so quickly.

Boring says this isn’t the first time thieves have hit her house and that’s exactly why she's got cameras installed. She's reporting this to police and debating getting a PO box so that this doesn't happen again.

Boring says if whoever took the video game gives it back and just leaves it in her mailbox, she'll let the whole thing go.

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