Police continue to investigate a vehicle that went into Spokane River


SPOKANE, Wash. -Spokane Police continue to investigate after a vehicle reportedly went into the Spokane River near Sinto and South Riverton Saturday morning.

Officers on scene determined that a car was headed westbound on Sinto, went through a guard rail where Sinto dead ends and into the river beyond. The guard rail was heavily damaged and parts to the car were broken off and still laying at the scene. Police say that because of the amount of water in the river and they extremely strong currents, officers were not able to find the car.

The Spokane Fire Department has a drone that can be used to search the river, high winds on Saturday kept the drone grounded.

Officers continued to investigate throughout the day. Nobody had made any missing persons reports and nobody had reported a vehicle matching the description of car parts left behind either.

 Several hours later an officer spotted what appeared to be a vehicle submerged in the water relatively close to the original crash scene. Water rescue experts with the Fire Department and Sheriff's Office dive team both advised that the conditions in the water are too dangerous to risk somebody entering the water to investigate or recover the vehicle.

Those experts will continue to monitor the water flow rate of the river to determine when it is safe to enter the water and investigate.

Police say citizens should avoid the area and not enter the water as currents are extremely dangerous.

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